Business of Hanshin Grace

We will become a company that creates the best value.


We always think first from the customer's point of view and provide the best satisfaction through perfect solutions

Core Values

  • Optimal Solution

    We will think from the customer's point of view and work together to maximize the profits of the customer through the optimal solution.

  • Best Quality and Service

    As a customer-oriented company, we will be a company that gives customer satisfaction through the best customer response, thinking of promises with customers as the top priority.

  • Best Customer Service

    We prioritize customer satisfaction above all else through quality service and the highest quality products.

    • We put our promise to our customers first.
    • We strive to provide quality service.
    • We are leaping into a competitive company.

Company Philosophy

  • Accurate Diagnosis and Goals

    We discuss accurate diagnoses and goals together and move forward together with customers toward the goal.

  • Systematic Management

    We run together with our customers until we achieve our goals through continuous management, not one-off.

  • Customer-specific Products and Services

    We provide the most suitable products and services to customers through accurate diagnosis and goals.

  • Strict Punctuality

    We put the promise with our customers first and strive to strictly comply with the time.

  • Giving Back to Society

    We have been giving back to society for a long time and working hard for win-win rather than simple profit.

  • Improving customer-oriented corporate value

    We always put customer satisfaction and value improvement at the forefront of our work.

Various Services

  • Provide Materials & Documents

    We provide necessary materials such as warranties, certificates, and test reports.

  • Convenient Contact

    A person in charge is designated who can be contacted conveniently whenever and wherever the customer needs it.

  • Systematized Customer Management

    We have established a systematic customer management system through data accumulation.

  • Systematic System

    By introducing a quality system, we reduce unnecessary time and strive for customer convenience.

  • Product Sourcing

    We provide products that customers want and provide better solutions through product sourcing.

  • Customer Service

    We provide the best service for customer satisfaction and strive to build a satisfactory relationship through friendly Customer Service.